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  • How a Porta Potty Can Make a Home Remodeling Project Easier

    No matter how much or how little work is being done, a home remodeling project is a big deal. Proper organization is the key to avoiding undue anxiety as the work is completed. Besides planning the details of the remodel itself, thought needs to be given to the needs of the workers who will be…

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    Ensuring the Safety of Construction Workers

    Whether it is a the construction of a residential building or a commercial complex, the excavation of a site or erection of bridges, paving roads or a mammoth painting job, workers in the construction industry are at a significant risk of injury. In fact, this industry alone has a fatal injury rate that is way…

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    The History of Porta Potties

    A porta potty refers to various types of portable toilets or bathrooms. Often in the United States, porta potty refers to small toilets that can be used by kids while they’re being potty trained. Also, porta potty may refer to portable public bathrooms you’re likely to see at construction sites, outdoor events, and anywhere else…

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    The Porta Potty Rooftop Race Is Not For The Weak

    Attending the Preakness Stakes horse race in Baltimore Maryland provides an opportunity to see not one, but two events. Every year several people find the unofficial sport of running across porta potty rooftops to be a feat/dare worth challenging. Though it does not take a stroke of genius to run across the tops of outdoor…

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    For Brandon Williams Port-O-Potties are in the Past

    Everybody loves a good rags-to-riches story; and Brandon Williams’ rise from port-o-potties to NFL fame is one that definitely reaches out to people on some inspirational level. We all know that port-o-potties are hardly glamorous. Nobody is particularly fond of using them and nobody visualizes themselves holding down a job that has anything to do…

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