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  • For Brandon Williams Port-O-Potties are in the Past

    brandon-williamsEverybody loves a good rags-to-riches story; and Brandon Williams’ rise from port-o-potties to NFL fame is one that definitely reaches out to people on some inspirational level. We all know that port-o-potties are hardly glamorous. Nobody is particularly fond of using them and nobody visualizes themselves holding down a job that has anything to do with them.

    Try to imagine a festival or sporting event them, and things start to look a little awkward. This man is clearly a lot tougher than the rest of us and his commitment to a job that might break any other person down within a day is definitely impressive.

    As the VIP defensive tackle at Division-II Missouri Southern, one would not expect to find this football player within a few feet of a port-o-potty — at least on voluntarily. In fact, we have pro football players placed on a pedestal that makes us assume they operate on a completely different level to everyone else.

    “Struggle” is not necessarily a word we would associate with football players of any creed but we may need to re-evaluate our way of thinking.

    In order to earn a little extra cash for his family, he hauled these portable toilets after the football season reached its end last year. This is one man who will never assume that any job is too menial. When his family is having a rough time he will do whatever he can to pitch in. It is a philosophy that many other people would do well to adopt.

    According to Williams, he used this particular job as a motivational tool. Apparently, hauling port-o-potties provided this dedicated sportsman with a gateway to the NFL. Most of us would find no way of turning such a low-end job into any form of motivation whatsoever.

    Williams’ take on the matter is almost saintly: Getting a little poop on him made him work harder because he knew he would not be doing this job for the rest of his life. While the poop itself was a fairly strong motivator, Brandon found another way of turning his job into a football metaphor.

    By pretending that the toilets were offensive linesman, he would envision himself picking them up and placing them on a truck that would take them to a different location. If only that were an in-game possibility.

    Williams’ toughness stretches way back into his early teen years. Raised in a Christian home and taught to be humble and obedient, this man was no stranger to difficulty.

    Despite the fact that his family was, for all intents and purposes, homeless and they kept their belongings in a car; Williams’ mother told him to stay focused on sports and school. His football career and summer job of porta potty hauling is one way of giving back to the woman who remained strong for their entire family.

    Brandon Williams will start off his NFL career as the backup for Haloti Ngata — a challenging starting point for any sportsman. However, no future challenge can stand up to the strength of character this man has showed so far.

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